Recommendation 10th International Scientific Meeting of Arabic (PINBA X)

10th International Scientific Meeting of Arabic (PINBA X)

Arabic Teacher Association

In the State Islamic Institute of Pontianak

26th – 28th August 2016



Arabic and Culture at University and School cross five continents



  1. In Indonesia, there are thousands of Madrasah/Schools which give Arabic learning to millions of students. These Madrasah/Schools need competent and skilled Arabic teachers in teaching Arabic subject. Therefore, there are several suggestions as follow;
  2. To conduct a sustainable training to develop Arabic teaching and language skill
  3. To grant scholarship for Indonesian Arabic teacher and lecturer to join “program celup” Arabic academic society or other society groups in Arabic country for particular of
  4. Student and lecturer exchange to Arabic country to teach Arabic language-culture and Indonesia funded by Ministry of Research and Technology and Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic of Indonesia.

5.      Arabic Programs in Indonesia have a various problems and the absence of unified curriculum. Therefore, it is urgently needed to have integrated cooperation with all stakeholders (University, Ministries, Profession organization, and expert) to develop National Curriculum of Arabic Education with International standard which will prevail for all departments of Arabic Education in the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Research and Higher Education.   6.      To fulfill demand of regulations number 12 in year 2012 about Higher Education and President Rule number 8 in year 2012 about Indonesia National Qualification Framework (KKNI), Indonesian Arabic Teachers Association urge to formulate standardized Arabic test based on the level of KKNI as specific standard measurement of Arabic skill in all education levels in Indonesia.

  1. A number of language centers in several Universities in Indonesia have independently and separately (no academic communication) developed Arabic language test. Therefore, IMLA encourages making standardized Arabic language test.


Pontianak,  August 28th 2016

Chair of IMLA

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